www.ifriends.net have been around a long time. They have carefully designed their website to get money from your credit card. I am an experienced internet user. I am familiar with webcam sites. Even so, I got my credit card burned badly.

Can not register without giving them your credit card details. So you sign up for FREE VIP. The next day you get billed US$6.96 for membership.

Private chat is PAID FOR. (OK we all know that). Live Video Chat is PAID FOR, even if you are not in PRIVATE! Only Free Sex Chat is not paid for. It is very easy to get confused between the last 2 since in many other webcam sites those are the same and free. Since you can not set a daily spending limit on your credit card, the confusion can cost you $100s!

Services are expensive: pay to chat, pay to email, pay to view pix. There are quality websites out there that are cheaper.

Support could not be bothered either.

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