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2011-01-22 Beware of the rear side of a horse,
                    the front side of a woman,
                    all sides of a priest.

2017-12-01 South Africa, Pretoria, Hatfield, Christian Church: George Donald (youth leader), sentenced for the sexual abuse of several young girls over many years

2010-09-15 Belgium, Brussels: massive priest paedophilia scandal revealed - 475 complaints between January and June this year.

2010-07-23 USA, Youngstown: Vatican removed Thomas Crum from the priesthood because he sexually abused youngsters.

2010-06-21 Germany, Berlin: bishop, Walter Mixa, made sexual advances to young priests.

2010-06-09 The US-based Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP)

2010-06-09 Rome - Victims of sexual abuse by priests, demand action, not apologies, from the Pope.

2010-04-30 South Africa: German paedophile priest, from Aachen city, dumped here.

2010-03-30 Sex scandals of the Islam.

2010-03-29 Sex scandals of the Catholic church.

2010-01-12 South Africa, West Rand, Rietvallei: a 55 y.o. priest from the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) has been arrested for raping a congregant while "treating" her infertility problem.

2009-12-09 South Africa, Johannesburg: Bishop Paul Verryns christian escort agency

2009-04-23 Mexico City: child porn ring, including the Roman Catholic priest, Rafael Muniz, has been busted.

2008-09-05 South Africa, Germiston: 49 y.o. Muslim priest rapes boys.

2008-07-23 A good reason not to believe those religious men who preach about morals.

2008-07-23 More reasons not to believe religious men.

2006-10-01 1 of South Africas prominent Catholic bishops, Reginald Orsmond, has been described as a child molester.

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