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2010-12-23 New HIV drug offers hope.

2009-11-04 AIDS is so bad in Pretoria ... ... they donít use condoms anymore; they use hosepipes.

2004-03-10 AIDS research... ... They now use lawyers (in South Africa, some advocates) instead of rats for research experiments. There is no shortage, you donít get so attached to them and there are some things a rat just wonít do.

2004-01-31 Should the transmission of HIV should be made a crime, because for the receiver it is a death sentence?

Proposals made to the South African Law Reform Commission in its report on the new Sexual Offences Act:

The mere transmission of HIV should be made a crime of rape.

including Proposers:

The intentional transmission of HIV should be made a crime of rape.

No new legislation should be introduced to regulate the disclosure of the HIV-status of people having consensual sex.

because: Proposers: Opponents:

What the courts decided

Someone who is aware that he is HIV/ Aids-infected and who has unprotected sex is guilty of attempted murder. It does not matter whether the victim eventually contracted HIV/Aids or not.

The first case was that of Lucas Nyalunga. Nyalunga raped a 26-year-old woman last year. He admitted at the time that he knew he was HIV-positive and confirmed he had received treatment for this for a lengthy period. Apart from the crime of raping her, he did not use protection before raping the woman and thus wilfully infected her.

Judge Eben Jordaan sentenced him to jail for life after his convictions of attempted murder and rape were confirmed by the Pretoria High Court.

The judge said the Criminal Procedure Act was sufficient to deal with this type of scenario, i.e. no new laws have to be made to cover cases where an accused wilfully infected his victim.

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