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Why do men like a blow job so much?
by HeinRich 2017-08-09
Sam Monnery

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South Africa: Stop the govermnment from censoring FaceBook
by Right2Know 2017-03-31
Lolly Jackson: George Luca / Louka (Cyprus) died.
by HeinRich 2017-03-31
HIV / AIDS: South Africa: support groups
by HeinRich 2017-03-31
Internet fraud: Dont let them get away; report them here:

South Africa:
FaceBook group: Expose
Get Closure
Health professions council (Medical Board)
National Consumer Commission
Ombudsman for Banking Services
Ombudsman for Consumer Goods
Ombudsman for Credit
Ombudsman for Insurance Long Term
Ombudsman for Insurance Short Term
Ombudsman for Motor Industry
Public Protector for complaints about government / municipal departments
Reviews of businesses

EConsumer New!

Better Business Bureau
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) New!
Internet Crime Complaint Center
Ripoff Report

by HeinRich 2016-05-06
Beware of this webcam website
by HeinRich 2015-10-29
Email problems...
by HeinRich 2014-12-01
Viagra: Before you use it, consider this...
by HeinRich 2013-04-30
Sex scandals of the church: Paedophiles and priests.
by HeinRich 2011-09-30
USA: Stop the govermnment from censoring the media
by HeinRich 2010-12-25
South Africa: Stop the govermnment from censoring the media
by HeinRich 2010-12-25
South Africa: Beware: Women get raped in public toilets in shopping malls
by HeinRich 2008-12-03
Women: Beware of "rape" cocktails in clubs
by HeinRich 2006-11-30
Capitalism saves beautiful women...
by Dwyne Bell 2014-01-11
Christian Science sex therapist...
by HeinRich 2014-01-07
When you have outperformed everybody else...
by HeinRich 2013-07-03
How to open your own brothel in a banana republic...
by HeinRich 2013-05-12
The best form of revenge is...
by HeinRich 2012-08-31
Life is too short to waste your time with difficult, ugly, old or too expensive women...
by HeinRich 2012-06-27
Die only with the regret that...
by HeinRich 2012-06-27
You should not marry for money...
by HeinRich 2010-11-02
How many women does it take to screw in a light bulb?...
by HeinRich 2010-10-20
Lust is...
by HeinRich 2010-09-28
You cannot produce a baby in 1 month...
by HeinRich 2010-08-04
      Re: You cannot produce a baby in 1 month...
by Radek 2010-08-05
The biggest secret to get a big and strong erection...
by HeinRich 2010-08-01
Google knows exactly what you are going to search for...
by HeinRich 2010-04-05
A mechanic?...
by HeinRich 2010-03-24
How can a stranger tell if 2 people are married?...
by HeinRich 2010-03-24
If you ever get to sleep with a very beautiful, smart, sexy woman...
by HeinRich 2009-12-19
      Re: If you ever get to sleep with a very beautiful, smart, sexy woman...
by Peter Smith 2009-12-19
Your birth certificate is an...
by Carmen 2009-12-01
      Re: Your birth certificate is an...
by Radek 2009-12-01
Advice for young girls who want to have sex...
by HeinRich 2009-07-26
I have a hot glamour girl, her pussy is so good...
by HeinRich 2009-04-30
South Africa, Boksburg: a blonde has been raped by a rugby team...
by HeinRich 2009-04-25
Oil on fire in nothing compared to...
by HeinRich 2008-12-29
We are all unique, but only brave souls live according to their desires
by Gothic Anthems
Chapter 11 2008-10-26
Lovers come and go ...
by HeinRich 2007-09-24
Wanna fuck?...
by HeinRich 2008-01-13
Water, water, everywhere but not a drop to drink...
by The Sailor 2007-10-31
An electrical-, chemical- and software engineer were travelling together and then...
by HeinRich 2007-01-09
Life is a soap opera...
by Joan Collins 2006-12-22
The trouble with some women is ...
by Cher 2006-12-22
IT professionals vs prostitutes...
by Alex 2006-11-17
It is the good girls who keep diaries...
by HeinRich 2006-07-14
The internet has no answers...
by HeinRich 2006-03-01
The nice thing about ugly women...
by HeinRich 2006-02-25
Van der Merwe confessed that he is gay...
by HeinRich 2006-01-20
Sex may be sweet, sex may be rough...
by HeinRich 2006-01-20
Good girls go to heaven...
by HeinRich 2006-01-05
Modern sex education for youngsters...
by HeinRich 2005-12-10
An archaeologist came upon a man lying in the sand ...
by HeinRich 2005-12-03
A high class escort...
by HeinRich 2005-05-13
How to satisfy a woman fully?...
by HeinRich 2005-04-07
Women have the right to say "No"...
by HeinRich 2005-03-24
Men vs women...
by Peter 2005-01-31
           Re: Men vs women...
by HeinRich 2005-02-04
It is by repentance alone that we can win our salvation...
by Gregory Rasputin 2004-10-08
After the big man raped the small guys girlfriend...
by HeinRich 2004-10-07
Why did the witches fly on broomsticks?...
by HeinRich 2004-09-29
I wish my girlfriend will close her mouth...
by HeinRich 2004-08-09
When I was 30...
by HeinRich 2004-06-20
10 Ways To Tell Youve Been Online Too Long...
by HeinRich 2004-06-13
Sometimes those escorts make me so angry...
by HeinRich 2004-03-12