Sometimes those escorts make me so angry...

... I just never want to see a whore again. I swear I shall never, ever go back to any whorehouse.

I am gonna get myself a decent girl, settle down, have 3 toddlers. Weekends we will go and visit the in-laws. When the toddlers are bigger, we shall go to their school concerts on Saturday nights.

But, now I do not have such a girl yet. I have been programming day and night for 3 weeks on my Email Search programs. (I want to search the internet automatically for anybodys email.) I just gotta see some daylight for a change and eat a decent meal.

I am not gonna eat at the Mac - too many blacks hanging around there.Perhaps I should go and have lunch at the strip-club down the road. Besides it is next to the post-office and I need to fetch my snail mail.

There are many new faces at the bar. (I have not been out anywhere for 3 weeks!)Ah, Nikky remembers me. The girls seem uninteresting. I guess I am getting old.Wait, there is Cindy too.

Who is that lass?! She used to be a pale, little waitress. She has grown up!It has been a long time (more than 3 weeks) that a lass made my heart jump this much. She is young and beautiful. Not top class, model beautiful, just all round average beautiful. But she is ripe. So ripe she is actually a little overdue. Just ready to be pricked.

She has red brown, medium length hair, and 2 round, fleshy, juicy, natural mangos.Never mind the mangos, I wish her bums would fit so tightly around me as they do around her pair of red, lingerie shorts.

And now she stands at the far end of the pool table and bents over. The guy at the other end has missed the ball. I am trying to drink my fruit juice. She sits on the corner of the pool table, spreading her legs over the hole.

What am I gonna do if there are no more strip-clubs around? What if they bann all the whorehouses?! I will just fucking die.

P.S. I saw her today at E.S.P. in Sunny Side. They called her Lydia.

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