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2015-05-11 George Luca / Louka died from from cancer

2014-06-09 George Luca / Louka (Cyprus) appeared in the Kempton Park Magistrates Court.

2013-05-10 The death toll of associates of Jackson since 2007.

2012-11-22 Judge Maurice Pillemer said that Russouw must vacate the premises by the end of the month.

2012-11-21 Demi Jackson and Shaun Russouw are fighting about whatever is left of Teazers.

2012-10-13 Lolly Jacksons lawyer, Ian Jordaan, has been shot dead [3] by Radovan Krejcir?

2012-06-17 George Luca / Louka (Cyprus) will be extradited to South Africa.

2012-05-30 George Luca / Louka (Cyprus) is wanted in South Africa i.c.w. the murder of Lolly Jackson.

2011-10-01 More deaths predicted...

2011-09-30 Lolly Jackson vs Mark Andrews vs Radovan Krejcir

2011-09-29 Mark Andrews had been the prime suspect in the inquest into Jordaans disappearance.

2011-09-28 Alberton: Mark Phillip Andrews, owner of of Teazers in Johannesburg - Cresta, was shot dead.

2011-09-21 Lolly Jacksons lawyer, Ian Jordaan, has been shot dead. [2]

2011-09-21 Lolly Jacksons lawyer, Ian Jordaan, has been shot dead.

2011-02-25 Lolly Jackson vs Uwe Gemballa vs Radovan Krejcir

2011-02-03 A strip club is a place where...

2010-10-18 Lolly Jackson: was he involved in a money laudering scheme with Uwe Gemballa?

2010-06-01 Lolly Jackson: left an estate of more than R200 million.

2010-06-10 Lolly Jacksons will disappeared.

2010-06-01 Lolly Jacksons financial manager, Ricardo Farber, was arrested for fraud.

2010-05-11 Lolly Jacksons funeral - 2

2010-05-11 Lolly Jacksons funeral - 1

Eugene het gehou van skiet, toe steek hulle hom dood;
Lollie    het gehou van steek, toe skiet hulle hom dood.
Eers neem hulle Eugene weg van die Boere;
Nou neem hulle Lolly weg van die hoere.

2010-05-08 Lolly Jackson claimed that George Smith had been offered R100 000 to kill him a month ago.

2010-05-08 Lolly Jackson was being investigated for money laundering and tax evasion and customs fraud.

2010-05-07 Lolly Jacksons alleged involment in a cash-scam with a banker.

2010-05-07 The plot thickens.....

2010-05-07 Why did the police took 4 days to release the prime suspects photo?

2010-05-07 Did Lolly Jackson pay George Smith to kill Michael Kalymnios?

2010-05-05 Lolly Jacksons confidante turned on him.

2010-05-05 Lolly Jackson; controversy follows into his grave.

2010-05-05 Lolly Jackson; a retrospect on his life - 2

2010-05-04 Lolly Jackson; a retrospect on his life - 1

2010-05-03 Edenvale: Lolly Jackson, the boss of the stripclub Teazers, has been shot dead.

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